My name is Kim and I’m incredibly thankful. I have the joy of being deeply content in my life and every night I go to sleep, genuinely excited about tomorrow. And that is because I listened to that little voice in my head. You know, the one that nudges you to pursue your dreams? The one that comes up with seemingly far off crazy ideas that make your heart race with excitement? Yes, that one!

Ever since I was little I have been dreaming of fantastical characters and the foreign landscapes that they roam. From the moment I’ve been able to hold a pencil, I have used it to create artwork of these creatures: dreaming of their strange appearances, brainstorming their magical powers, and designing their friends and the environment they live in. 

From ink pens,  to acrylic paint , to sfx makeup, and most recently EVA foam, my love of creating whimsy and the fantastic has never died out. Over decades of practice and rigorous hard work: what started off as a hobby eventually evolved into a career! And I am loving it!

Within my artistic endeavors, I have a keen eye for color matching, painting complex textures, and an exquisite eye for detail. I love using these skills to create monsters. Always have, always will! I also enjoy casual writing and singing, and I am a pretty good baker & chef. I work in bakeries in my free time decorating cookies and cakes.

Outside of my artsy life, I am a lover of movies, food, board games, and retro video games. I love picking apart plot lines or ogling over the latest creepy movie effect! Gremlins, Bruce Almighty, and Terminator 2 are some of my all time favorite films. 

Growing up, my family valued time together which usually meant playing board games and card games. We loved fast paced games that involve quick thinking. And I still do! I am a lover of strategy and games that make you laugh and shout with excitement. If you haven’t played Catchphrase or Racoon Tycoon, I highly recommend them. 

But you might be wondering, what is Kim like as a person? 

I am generally bubbly with a positive attitude and I like to stay moving. I’m always thinking of the next idea but also putting in the work to execute. I’m motivated and organized. On a normal day you will see me with tea and snacks probably singing to the latest musical soundtrack while dancing around my kitchen!

I love spending time with my friends whether through game nights, long walks, art days, or just chilling at a bonfire. 

I try to lead with strength, empathy, and consistency to set a good example to my followers & friends. I want to use my following & my career to demonstrate what love and hard work can do to bring happiness to not only yourself, but the world around you.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check out my art. I appreciate you!



About Witte Artistry