Hey, I’m Kim Witte. I’m an artist, sfx makeup artist, and a business woman. I’m energetic, motivated, and a hard worker. I’ve been creating artwork my entire life, started SFX makeup in 2012, and most recently added prop making to my repertoire.  I’m a lover of fantasy & all things whimsical. I have a keen eye for color matching, creating realistic complex textures, and an exquisite eye for detail.



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Dragon Art Fair- Deforest: June 1st

Art on the Island- Fondulac : June 2nd

Art 64 competition?? (waiting list) : June 6th + 7th

Children’s Face paintng Event- June 22nd

4th of July Cookie Class- Cambridge: June 28th

Children’s Face paintng Event- June 29th

Monona Art & Craft Fair- Monona: July 4th

Lake County Art Festival- Delafield: July 13th

Children’s Face Painting Event- July 20th 

Mount Horeb Art Fair- Mt Horeb: July 27th + 28th