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Welcome to my Channel Video (Released 1/28/2017)

Hello everyone! Kim Witte here, coming on to wish you all a wonderful weekend! Although it is long overdue, a video that welcomes you to my YouTube channel has finally been made, edited, and released!


The video will play whenever someone enters my youtube channel.  It will welcome them, explain what I do on the channel (beauty makeup, make up tutorials, bodypainting, facepainting, and fx makeup) and invite them to subscribe to join the Witte Artistry family!

On Witte Artistry, I show you how to do makeup through engaging and entertaining tutorials! With the knowledge I give you, you will be able to do makeup for an epic halloween costume whether it is an easy or difficult look, improve your cosplays, learn sfx makeup techniques, take your beauty makeup skills to the next level, and/or just improve your makeup skills in general. I want to inspire others and encourage them to learn about this unique art form and give it a try! If anything, I hope you appreciate the art form and realize the time and effort that goes into make up, bodypaint, and sfx makeup!

This video, although short, was an absolute thrill to make. It was fun and nostalgic to go back and compile a bunch of my favorite clips into this little “Witte Artistry summary” video! I hope you all enjoy it.

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Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! There were some very creative entries! Hope you all have a good saturday!

To childhood imagination: may it never die.

-Kim Witte-

CEO, Marketing Master, Makeup Artist

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