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Welcome to Witte Artistry Sizzle Reel Video (Released 6/10/17)

Hello everyone! I decided it was high time to create a new YouTube channel intro video because a lot of new and epic makeups have been created since then.

I had a blast creating this video because I got to go through all of the old footage and pull out the most epic or funny eating clips and makeup reveal clips.

We wanted this sizzle reel video to have a friendly and fun vibe while still displaying what we are capable of! We would love to hear your feedback and which makeup clip or which eating clip was your favorite.

We hope you enjoy and stick around for some more character makeups and product reviews!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Welcome2


Here is a list of the makeups featured in this video and where to find them: Umibozu Makeup : http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Umibozu_Myth

diy nemesis resident evil: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Nemesis

pirates of the carribbean salazar bodypaint: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Capt_Salazar

Scary Jack o’lantern: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Evil_JoL

Ghost in the Shell Geisha Robot: http://Bit.ly/WitteArt_Ghost_in_Shell

Gaurdians of the galaxy volume 2 groot makeup :http://bit.ly/WitteArt_BabyGroot_Collab

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Sally

Pop Art Zombie: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Pop_Zombie

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat:  http://bit.ly/WitteArt_CheshireCat

skeleton/ cracked doll: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_BrokenDoll

Attack on Titans Titan Makeup tutorial: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Titan

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 diy rocket raccoon: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Rocket


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Hope you all are kicking off your summer with a bang!

-Kim Witte-

CEO, Branding Master, Makeup Artist

Witte Artistry, LLC