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Halloween ZIPPER FACE Makeup Tutorial with 3RD DEGREE SCARS Speed-painting Video (Released 5/6/17)

Witte Artistry decided to kick off the weekend with a creepy zipper face makeup tutorial. Kim has always wanted to recreate the classic gore “zipper face” look that is so popular on instagram and other social media. However, she wanted to create the look without using a single zipper! She decided to create the illusion of zippers and the revealed flesh using only makeup!

WATCH THE SPEED-PAINTING HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_ZipperFace

WATCH THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_HorrorScars

For this look Kim used Wolfe fx bodypaint and BH cosmetics eyeshadow to create the zippers. Then she created realistic fake keloid scars on her chest using 3rd degree silicone. This is a two part silicone compound that has a 10 minute working time to create the 3D effect. After applying the silicone she used an alcohol activated makeup to color the silicone. Alcohol activated makeup, grease makeup, or creme makeup can be used on silicone  because it will stick to the surface unlike water activated paint.

If you would like to learn more about alcohol activated makeup please read this blog post Kim wrote here: https://www.witteartistry.com/blog/alcohol-activated-makeup-how-to-makeup

If you would like to help support Kim’s dream of becoming a full time makeup artist, you can order a handmade monster plushie by emailing her at witteartistry@gmail.com or by getting your very own Witte Artistry t-shirt! (There are a few new designs since the last t-shirt update!)

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