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The Beauty of Time-Lapse and Speed-Painting Videos

There’s just something so wonderful about watching a piece of artwork come together from start to finish.This is especially enjoyable when executed through a speed paint or time-lapse video, where all of the fluff has been removed, the speed is increased, and you can literally watch the project unfold right before your eyes!

In addition to our regularly published make-up tutorials and product reviews, Witte Artistry will now start releasing speed-paintings of makeup videos/ bodypaintings! They are designed to be a short video that allows you to watch a bodypainting or fx makeup come to fruition in a short period of time. All of the voiceover and other “fluff” has been removed to hone in on the beauty of creation and keep the video nice and easy to watch.

We want to produce as many videos as possible to keep our valued fans entertained and engaged! So, we hope that you will enjoy these fast makeup transformation videos in addition to our regularly published content!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! We appreciate your interest and continual support.

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