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Strangest Halloween Makeup Products Video TapeFace (Released 9/23/17)

As of Americas Got Talent season 11, a prop comic TapeFace- performed by Sam WIlls- has caught fire. His act has grown in popularity and his success is well earned. If you have not seen a comedic act by Sam, you are missing out. The style of his act is appropriate for all ages and completely unexpected

Since there has been a few technical issues with one of Kim’s microphones, she decided to get .creative on her most recent video. She decided to dress up and imitate TapeFace’s act style and facial expressions to bring you guys a truly unique video. This video is a silly one that Kim tells you her favorite Halloween makeup products and what you should have in your Halloween kit.

Watch the video HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Halloween_Products_TapeFace

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