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Self Employment: How to Stay Focused and On Track (2/28/18)

Read this blog to learn 5 helpful tips Kim uses to stay on task while working from home as a self-employed makeup artist.

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Copy of ALIEN COVENANT Inspired Makeup: Xenomorph Makeup Illusion Video (Released 8/26/17)

Read this blog to learn about the Alien movie franchise and how it inspired Kim to create a fun new makeup illusion.

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Steam Punk Robot Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 7/22/17)

Check out this blog to learn about the steampunk fashion and a new makeup tutorial based in this fantasy world!

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Volume 2: Baby Groot Face-Paint Tutorial Kat Sketch Collaboration Video (Released 4/15/17)

Kim  had a huge opportunity to work with makeup Artist Kat sketch on a Guardians of the Galaxy makeup collaboration! Read this blog to learn more!

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Ghost in the Shell Geisha Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 3/25/17)

To celebrate the new live action Ghost in the Shell movie, Kim recreated the robot Geishas from the new movie! Read this blog to learn more!

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Scary Clown Face Paint Speed Painting Video (Released 3/4/17)

Check out this blog to learn about the current giveaway and a new Scary Clown speed paint video and where to find it! 

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The Beauty of Time-Lapse and Speed-Painting Videos

This blog discusses the beauty of time-lapse videos and how they will be implimented into the Witte Artistry YouTube channel.

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