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Rocket Raccoon Face Paint: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Fx Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 3/11/17)

Check out this blog to learn about the latest Rocket Raccoon makeup tutorial and where to find the video!

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500 Subs Giveaway WINNER & New Race to 1,000 Subs GIVEAWAY: Witte Artistry TSHIRTS, Plushie & Bodypaint (Released 2/25/17)

Check out this special blog to hear about Kim's new art projects (straight from Kim), the winner of the 500 subs giveaway, and the start of a NEW GIVEAWAY! 

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Voodoo Doll Speed-Painting/ Time-Lapse with Stitched Mouth and Button Eyes Video (Released 2/18/17)

Check out this blog post to learn about the release of Witte Artistry's latest video : a creepy voodoo doll speed paint!

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ATTACK ON TITAN Cosplay Bodypaint, COLOSSAL TITAN MAKE-UP Tutorial Video (Released 2/11/17)

Check out this blog post to learn about the release of a Colossal Titan bodypaint from Attack on Titan to celebrate the up and coming premiere of season 2!

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The Beauty of Time-Lapse and Speed-Painting Videos

This blog discusses the beauty of time-lapse videos and how they will be implimented into the Witte Artistry YouTube channel.

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Broken Doll Makeup with Skeleton Makeup Video (Released 1/21/17)

Read this blog post to learn about the release of the newest makeup tutorial Broken Doll Makeup with Skeleton makeup and where to watch it!

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