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Pro Arte Brush Set Honest Review Video ( Released 8/19/17)

Read this blog to learn about how Kim has Pro Arte Makeup brushes and where to find her honest review!

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Pop Art Zombie Makeup Speed-painting Video (Released 8/12/17)

Read this blog to learn about the history of zombies and Kim's latest zombie popart creation!

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Pro Arte Face Painter Brush Set 1st Impressions Video (Released 7/8/17)

Check out this blog post to learn about Kim's latest product first impressions video where she purchased some new face paint brushes!

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Five Nights at Freddy's Nightmare Teddy Bear Makeup Video (released 7/2/17)

Read this blog to learn about the Five Nights at Freddy's gaming phenomenon and about Kim's Nightmare Fred bodypaint!

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NYX Unboxing Makeup video and NsomniaksDream Contest Winner Video (Released 6/17/17)

Read this blog to hear who won the NsomniaksDream Makeup competition!

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