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Self Employment: How to Stay Focused and On Track (2/28/18)

When you are self employed you may find yourself losing focus easily (especially if you work from home). I just wanted to give you a few tips on how I manage my time and keep myself on track.

1. When you are working "banish your phone" to another room or completely out of reach. This makes it easy to avoid the repetitive temptation of checking social media or texting a friend.

2. Set an exact time for the end of your work day. This is incredibly important because you need to allow some time to yourself and sleep is a must to keep healthy. 

3. Create a check list. This may seem like the silliest and most simple idea ever, but it helps. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment from simply writing it, but helps keep you organized. You can then make realistic goals by seeing what needs to be done. It also gives and immense amount of self satisfaction when you cross off an item on the list or finish the list all together!

4. Keep to a set schedule. Like i mentioned in item 2, have a distinct end time to the day. Also, try to maintain a reasonable bed time and wake up time.

5. Always work in a space that is dedicated for working. This will help you stay more focused, comfortable, and avoid unwanted snacking.

I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know what blogs you would like to reach or any questions you would like to have answered.