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Scary Clown Face Paint Speed Painting Video (Released 3/4/17)

There’s just something so captivating about watching someone skilled at their craft work. But, when an artist works, there is something extra at play. They seem to channel their souls out onto the canvas in a way that just comes naturally to them. It would almost appear that they aren’t creating their own ideas, but rather they are simply vessels to transfer a wondrous vision that was given to them. However, watching an artistic project some to life right before your eyes is simply magical. This is the beauty of a time-lapse video.

Witte Artistry has officially released a scary clown face paint speed painting video! You can watch as this evil clown makeup comes to life right before your eyes in a beautiful 4k video speed painting style!


In this clown facepaint speed-paint video peeks your interest, there is a FULL bodypaint TUTORIAL up on Witte Artistry’s youtube HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_EvilClow

In this clown facepaint cosplay makeup tutorial Kim teaches you how to transform yourself into an evil clown using sfx makeup and bodypainting techniques. This makeup look is super scary and would make a great diy clown costume / makeup for any halloween party or cosplay makeup look!

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