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Pop Art The Walking Dead Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 10/27/16)

Are you obsessed with the show The Walking Dead? Do you love zombies and want to be one this Halloween? Then this zombie makeup tutorial is the 4k video for you! This video is celebrating the new season of The Walking Dead and Halloween!

Watch this Halloween makeup tutorial video to learn how to make yourself into a Pop Art scary zombie / walker! This body paint is fantastic for any Halloween party, Halloween costume, or a cosplay event. Apply this makeup to your exposed skin, put on some torn up clothes, and you’re ready to go! In this tutorial Kim will show you how to create comic book gore, produce a pop art makeup design, make your skin look rotten, and most of all how to become a zombie!


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Bit.ly/WitteArt_Pop_Zombie






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Happy Halloween everyone!

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