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Macy's and MAC Makeup Mall Haul Video (Released 12/21/16)

Do you love makeup and want some new cosmetic products to complete your beauty look and maybe try out the trendy ombre lip? Is Macy’s or MAC your favorite store to visit at the mall and you just can’t get enough makeup?  Then check out this fun little video about Kim’s Macy’s and MAC makeup mall haul where she will show off some swatches, beauty products, and more!

Kim wanted to share her fun mall experience with you while telling a funny story, giving her first impressions of some products, and present information about the makeup products. Kim purchased and will be talking about; liquid lipstick Smashbox in the color “legendary”, liquid lipstick by Anastasia called “potion”, a lip pencil by Mac in the beautiful shade “beet”, lip pencil in the color rebellious by Mac, a white matte lipstick by Mac called “frosting”, and bronzing powder by Mac.


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_MallHaul

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