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Lipsense Liquid Lipstick Product Review

There has been quite the hype about “Lipsense” lip products all over the internet. I have always been curious about this product because of all of the videos online showing people rubbing their different colored top and bottom lips together without any color transferring! If you are not familiar with the lip product “Lipsense”, it is a long lasting liquid lipstick that claims to be smudge proof, drink proof, kiss proof, etc. And, guess what? It is! There are a variety of colors and you must purchase a lip color with a remover and a hydrating gloss. DO NOT just purchase a lip color because the gloss and remover are required for the product to perform properly.

Recently a lipsense distributor contacted me asking if I would like to test out their product and give you guys my honest review. So, three liquid lip colors later and here I am. I received the colors Luv It, Pink Champagne, and Praline Rose along with one Hydrating gloss and Oops remover.


Pink Champagne: http://amzn.to/2uuTAzr

Praline Rose: http://amzn.to/2uUsQJC

Luv It: http://amzn.to/2uV58Nu

Hydrating Gloss: http://amzn.to/2tXanHR

Oops Remover: http://amzn.to/2h1dLjF


  • The product does exactly what it claims, the color will not smudge or transfer
  • The color is vibrant and long lasting for the entire time you are wearing it
  • It can leave a pretty lip stain after removal depending on the color and your skin tone
  • The hydrating gloss is very soothing
  • A wide variety of lip colors are offered
  • In my experience most of the lipsense distributors are very kind and helpful
  • Lipsense packaging is very cute and personalized
  • The lip color containers are ergonomic


  • The lip color smells like alcohol
  • The lip color stings when you put on the first coat of color (kind of like rubbing alcohol on your lips)
  • The lip color is difficult to touch up/correct the edges if you accidentally overline your lips due to the staying power of the color
  • The color can be sticky/ refuse to dry in areas of clumping (if you applied it too thickly… so this is more of a user error than a product defect)
  • It dehydrates your lips to a point of discomfort over a couple of hours
  • The gloss that hydrates your lips smudges and will transfer to anything it touches
  • In order for your lips to stay comfortable you have to re-apply the hydrating gloss often
  • The color (or your lips) dehydrates and begins to crack after a couple hours of wear
  • The hydrating gloss has a strange subtle smell and a chemical taste, so eating with the gloss on isn’t very pleasant
  • The Oops remover doesn't break down or remove the product very well so it is time consuming process to remove the color
  • After many applications of Oops remover my lips were still left heavily stained

My final opinions:

This is not a product that I would recommend for everyday wear. However due to the beautiful color and its staying power, I would recommend the product for short special occasions that call for the need to sweat, be in water, or eat/ drink.

I hope you found this beauty product review helpful.
Thanks for reading and for your support!

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