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Graduating College and the Future of Witte Artistry

Hello everyone!

I decided that it was high time that I personally come on here and give you all a life update. In this instance, a huge one!

I am delighted to say that as of this weekend I will become a college graduate! I am very pleased with what I have accomplished and after the successful showing of my Senior Art Exhibition I am finally done!

This is not only a huge milestone in my life, but it is also an opportunity! I will finally have more time to focus on my makeup art, writing, and making YouTube videos! So there are many epic projects under way that you can expect tutorials on in the near future!

One of which that I have been developing is a series of simple gore prosthetics. Within this series I have been practicing my sculpting skills and how the sculpt will eventually translate into a silicone prosthetic. I will be offering some tutorials on how to use relief molds and properly cast silicone prosthetics, and eventually how to paint and apply them.

However, the really exciting project is the construction of my very own Urgal monster! For those of you who do not know, an Urgal is a race from the Eragon book series. The creature has a similar brutish look like an orc, but they sport large ram horns that erupt from the sides of their head! I have been working on this project during school and now with more time, I can finally finish it!

I have already constructed the ram horns from wonderflex plastic and we will be editing that video soon (so you guys can look forward to that)! In addition to having horns, Urgals have a more brutish face with a very large brow, so I have been working on sculpting the face on my life cast for my first ever full face prosthetic!

Basically, stay tune for some epic tutorials and artwork! I can not wait to show all of you what I have been up to. I hope you all have merry holiday festivities!

Thanks so much for your support!

To childhood imagination: may it never die.

    -Kim Witte-

CEO, Branding Master, Makeup Artist

Witte Artistry, LLC