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Ghost in the Shell Geisha Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 3/25/17)

After a long wait, anime fans everywhere are finally getting what they want: a new Ghost in the shell live action movie on March 31st, 2017!! This movie appears to be a reboot of the classic “Ghost in the Shell” animated movie that was released in 1996. This sci-fi classic was based on a top selling manga about a group of cyborgs from a public security agency and their hunt for a mysterious hacker called “the Puppet Master”. Kim loves the Ghost in the Shell movies, so she is very excited about the up and coming new film.

After analyzing the new Ghost in the Shell trailer and behind the scenes, the film really appears to have some wicked special effects: mainly when dealing with the cyborgs and the inclusion of some detailed and freaky geisha robots!

Since Kim is so excited for the film, she decided to do a face-painting tutorial to teach you all how to cosplay those freaky geisha robots to do your very own Ghost in the Shell Geisha cosplay!


This Witte Artistry makeup tutorial can also double up as a bodypaint tutorial on how to make a japanese geisha makeup. In this face-painting tutorial Kim instructs you on how to apply realistic looking bodypaint that looks like the gorgeous traditional geishas, but also looks shiny and made of plastic in order to replicate the new creepy- yet pretty- geisha robots!


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