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Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Salazar Makeup Video (Released 6/3/17)

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is both popular and exciting for movie goers and makeup fanatics alike. It’s whimsical plot lines that mix lore and fantasy together allow for some very exciting scenery, characters, and dialogue.

As you may have known, the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales aired in movie theaters May 26th, 2017. Kim absolutely loves this movie series and has a special place in her heart for Davy Jones after painting a massive acrylic painting of him.

To celebrate the new Pirates sequel, Witte Artistry created a new SFX makeup tutorial on Captain Armando Salazar from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales! His face is cracking away and almost disappearing in the wind, so Kim thought it would be a really fun challenge to try to recreate this look without the use of C.G.I. (Computer Graphic Images).

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Capt_Salazar

For this makeup look, she ended up using a combination of wolfe fx makeup , third degree silicone, white cream makeup by mehron, alcohol activated makeup by skin illustrator,  and bh cosmetics eyeshadow 120 color eyeshadow palette!

Within this Salazar bodypaint tutorial, Kim teaches you how to make realistic cracks and skin chunks using third degree modeling compound, how to create realistic highlights and shadows using the wolfe fx makeup and bh cosmetics eyeshadow on both the face and clothing, and how to create blended soft highlights using the cream white makeup mehron.

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Thank you all for reading this blog, we hope you like the new tutorial, and enjoy the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

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