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ATTACK ON TITAN Cosplay Bodypaint, COLOSSAL TITAN MAKE-UP Tutorial Video (Released 2/11/17)

We are very pleased to release Witte Artistry’s first ever makeup collaboration video with the talented youtuber and instagramer “MsMaoMaoz”! She approached Witte Artistry recently about collaborating on Youtube and we happily accepted! You can expect a higher production quality and additional video effects for this tutorial! We wanted to try our very hardest to create the best video for our first ever collab. MsMaoMaoz and Kim decided to do an Attack on Titan cosplay bodypaint to celebrate the up and coming Attack on Titan Season 2 that premieres this April!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Attack on Titan (No Spoilers),  it is an anime and manga about how humanity has been nearly wiped out by giant human eating monsters called Titans. It’s animation and storyline keep people impressed and on the edges of their seats. So, the world openly welcomes the next season that is rumoured to release in April!

For this transformation makeup collaboration MsMaoMaoz chose to recreate Titan form Annie (Titan Annie) and Kim chose to transform herself into the Colossal Titan! This is one of Kim’s favorite anime and we believe she really did the anime character justice!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Titan

In this makeup tutorial video, Kim will use bodypaint and fx makeup techniques to transform herself into the Colossal Titan! The colossal titan is a massive Titan that towers over the humans and appears to skinless: revealing it’s muscles and strange anatomy. Kim will also teach you how to make stylized muscles and creepy  sharp teeth in order to fully become the Colossal Titan using bodypaint and many a makeup brush! This sfx makeup look accurately depicts the colossal titan in the Attack on Titan manga and anime, so it is perfect for an attack on titan cosplay and costume! Also, this anime makeup would work fabulously for any women’s halloween costume or men’s halloween costume...just maybe not if you are a vegetarian.

You can follow MsMaoMaoz on her instagram @ms.maomaoz

And on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsMaoMaoz

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We hope you enjoyed this blog and the latest makeup tutorial! We really think this makeup does the collab and Attack on Titan Colossal Titan justice!

Happy saturday to all of you!

-Witte Artistry-