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Annabelle 2 Doll Makeup Tutorial Video (Released 8/5/17)

Back in 2014 a horror movie called Annabelle was released into movie theaters everywhere. This movie a prequel to the movie series The Conjuring. The basic premise of Annabelle that there is a haunted doll that is possessed by a an angry soul. This movie had overwhelming success in the box office and the day has finally arrived that Annabelle: Creation will be released (August 11th, 2017).

To celebrate the new movie’s release, Kim decided to turn herself into Annabelle, hair , dress, and all. She used a combination of Wolfe Fx bodypaint, BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow, and Mehron cream makeup to achieve this look. If you would like to watch how she transformed into this frightening doll you can watch her tutorial on YouTube!.

WATCH THE ANNABELLE TUTORIAL HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Annabelle2

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Thank you all so much for reading and we hope you enjoy our latest tutorial!

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