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Legend of the Umibozu Makeup Tutorial (Japanese Mythology) NsomniaksDream MYTHS CONTEST (Released 4/22/17)

Mythology and fantasy has always intrigued Kim, but recently she has developed a fascination with Japanese mythology. Within this culture there is a story of a great sea monster called the Umibozu! This angry sea spirit is known to alter sea weather patterns causing large waves and severe storms to interfere with sailors travels. If the spirit is particularly angry it is known to surface under ships and capsize them! Sometimes it grabs sailors and drowns them in its tentacles. Although the tale of the Umibozu and its appearance varies from tale to tale, the creature always has huge eyeballs that have a sinister look within them! On occasion, they are documented to have long tentacles that sometimes have spikes!


Although popular in Japanese culture, the Umibozu is relatively unknown in comparison to other mythical beasts. Kim was so fascinated with the Umibozu’s tale that she decided to create her own version of the creature on her skin with bodypaint for the NsomniaksDream Myths Contest entry! This contest is a hosted by the  YouTube makeup channel NsomniaksDream. The challenge is to create a makeup based on or inspired by a myth, legend, or lore, demonstrate the process in a video, and post it on YouTube! There is a 1st place reward for 1,300$ of makeup and a second place of 800$ of makeup!

In this makeup tutorial Kim teaches you how to bodypaint this wicked monster tentacles and all! She uses wolfe fx bodypaint, BH cosmetics eyeshadow, and Mehron cream makeup to create this look. This makeup look would also suffice as an octopus makeup tutorial, a diy sea monster costume, a halloween sea creature costume, or anything of the sort! Kim loves how this look turned out and is very excited about the results of the NsomniaksDream contest results when they are announced!  

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