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Updates on Witte Artistry projects and other information relevant to makeup effects art.

Establishing Witte Artistry & Building a Business

Welcome to the Witte Artistry blog! Creating makeup tutorials requires a lot of hard work and we are excited to finally let the world see the fruits of our labor. In the first post, we’d like to welcome you, explain a little bit about how we built this business, and how we prepared to launch our content on YouTube.

Nothing great is created overnight. Every company starts with an idea. About a year ago, the Witte Artistry team decided they wanted to start a media company. After an extensive amount of research and brainstorming sessions, a vague idea of what would become Witte Artistry was born. We decided that we wanted to teach and inspire the world about makeup art in a format that is free and accessible to everyone! Therefore, social media and the Internet became the platform for our business, and Youtube the hub of or content.

So then came the hard part...figuring out how to execute our idea. After recycling some camera and lighting equipment from a previous project (with a few additional upgrades), we started to organize what would be the future recording studio. Playing Tetris with furniture and power cords, the bare bones of the studio layout was completed. Then came the fun part - decorations! After raiding Hobby Lobby and various Halloween stores, we created a creepy backdrop to be used in our videos.

However, as cool as the studio looks, it’s useless if nothing is being created in it. Gathering makeup supplies and a few new paint brushes, we set off to test a recording of a body paint for the first time. After Kim transformed herself into “Sub-Zero” ,from Mortal Kombat, we used the footage to make adjustments to our setup and process. With every new recording session, we gained a few additional steps along the way. Initially we started only with the recording of the makeup application, but over time, it evolved to include an introduction and ending sequences, a makeup reveal, and a teaser trailer video.

Although applying makeup requires a lot of time, no one ever sees the time and effort that goes into planning and post processing. Each video must be in an easily digestible format and an acceptable duration in order to keep a person’s interest and teach them effectively. The application of a makeup, depending on the character, can take anywhere from two to seven hours. That is a lot of footage! Through trial and error, research, and a lot of patience, we slowly developed the most effective way to edit and produce the videos!

However, we didn’t want to be just another makeup channel, lost in the sea of the Internet world. We instead wanted to be an established company which makes an impact and touches people's lives. In order to do this, it requires a lot more work, but we were willing to make the commitment. Combining our knowledge of the business world and lot of additional research, we formed a limited liability corporation in the State of Wisconsin and  received a Tax ID from the IRS as of May, 2016! During the same timeframe we developed our partnership agreement which made our commitment feel tangible. This really set things into perspective for us and was a huge milestone.

As with any business, especially an online one, we needed an online presence. For over a year we have been building our Facebook page where we share updates, images, and makeup related content to all of our fans. As of late, we have completed a 30 day makeup countdown on on Instagram and Facebook to get people interested and excited about the launching of our YouTube channel. The first video will be released October 1st and 7PM CST.

Thank you so much for visiting this website and reading or content! We appreciate your support of our passion.  Please check out our YouTube videos and follow us on our other social medias!

-Witte Artistry-