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1000 Subscribers Thank you and Giveaway Winner Video (Released 4/1/17)

Wow! 1,000 subscribers on YouTube already!?

This is such a huge milestone! I can’t believe how quickly Witte Artistry is growing. It warms my heart. Thank you all so much for helping support me and my artwork. Without you, my YouTube channel would be nothing. I love what I do and it always makes me smile to see others get enjoyment out of my artwork and perhaps learn something along the way.

Your support means the world to me because you help me get one step closer to my dream: becoming a full time makeup artist. So I must say again, thank you so much!

As for the 1,000 Subscribers giveaway, I am pleased to present the giveaway winner video! In this 4k video I will be randomly selecting the giveaway winner who will be given: a Witte Artistry tshirt, a handcrafted Monster Plushie, and a secret bodypaint photo! I will also share 5 random facts about me that I think you will all find interesting.

If you didn’t win the giveaway, don’t worry! You can get your very own adorable Monster Minion Plushie by ordering one through email here: witteartistry@gmail.com !

You can also get the official Witte Artistry t-shirt in any size that you like here: http://amzn.to/2l5fCBC !

WATCH THE GIVEAWAY VIDEO HERE: http://bit.ly/WitteArt_1000Sub_Winner

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway and thank you so much for the 1,000 subscribers! I can’t believe it!

Thanks for believing in me!


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Thanks so much and thank you for your continual support!

To childhood imagination: may it never die.

-Kim Witte-

CEO, Branding Master, Makeup Artist

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