Witte Artistry



About the Company

Two driven artists, brought together by fate, saw promise in each others' skills and decided to join forces to build something great.

What we offer:

Witte Artistry is a media company that specializes in makeup effects, the character arts, and product reviews.

We present high quality makeup tutorial videos that allow you to witness and learn about this unique artistic process while giving you the knowledge to recreate a look at home yourself!

As avid creators, we understand that you need quality art supplies in order to make your best work, but sifting through the vast expanse of brands and product options can be a bit overwhelming. Well don’t worry, we do the work for you! We provide honest reviews on products we have researched, purchased, and tested ourselves so you can be an informed consumer and make the best purchase to fit your needs.

About the Artist:

Kim Witte, a professional makeup artist, has been dreaming up fantastical worlds full of characters and monsters her whole life. Over the years her passion for character creation, monsters especially, has only grown while she strives to bring them to life in any art form possible. She is a self taught makeup artist who loves anatomy and just graduated college under her individually designed curriculum!

About the Producer:

Claude Lanza, a professional video producer, finds his passion behind the lens of a camera. He prides himself on the quality of videos he makes that are informative with a personal, fun twist. As a photographer for over 15 years he loves showing the essence of a being by finding a way to not only take a beautiful photo, but capture the emotion and thought the subject was feeling as well. He is a father of three and loves being involved in local theater productions.